It has been the goal of Steven M. Glazer and LifeCycle Financial Group professionals to help individuals and business owners safeguard their financial futures and help realize their dreams for more than 25 years.

Our objective is to implement a unique methodology to help create a deeply valued client experience. We feel our well-defined process provides personalized service, and helps build profound trust as the basis of our client relationships. 

Process: During our first no-cost, no pressure consultation, we will:
 - Discuss your current financial position and future needs and goals. 
 - Gather additional information, make recommendations, and create a plan to support your objectives.
 - Use a wide variety of educational tools to help you understand your options and solutions.

Personal Service: Attaining client goals requires time and attention on an ongoing basis. We treat our clients to concierge service, keeping their priorities top-of-mind. We are always available to discuss your interests and concerns.

Profound Trust: We believe a relationship with a financial advisor must be rooted in trust. We feel our clients refer their friends and families to LFG because of the deep trust that we have developed as we attempt to put the needs of our clients first and foremost.